My name is Chris. I make art. I design. I code. I'm constantly trying to make great work that is fun, accessible, and easy to use.

So, more specifics:

  • I'm trained as a comic artist and illustrator. Minneapolis College of Art & Design, 2001
  • I drew over 600 pages while working as a comic artist.
  • I thought it might be fun to make games so I taught my self Python scripting to make games in the Blender game engine.
  • Those initial steps into programming quickly lead to web design. I learned PHP to customize wordpress, and HTML/CSS so I could build better websites.
  • After years of drawing comics, I realized my passion was in work that more closely combined art, design, and code, so 4 years ago I moved into interactive design.
  • I'm currently designing more complex educational interactives, expanding my jQuery and javascript knowledge to build more robust web interfaces, and building game prototypes with Unity3D.
  • I still draw a lot. For fun, for work, and everywhere in between. Every design project starts out in my sketchbook and I'm continuously working to merge the two sides of my brain in my art.

So now I have a wide range of skills at my disposal that I use on a daily basis. In my current role I am responsible for both the design and development aspects of my projects. I help shape the user interaction, layout the design direction, and do the front-end development and coding.

What can I do for you?


  • chris@cschons.com


  • Illustration
  • Sequential/Comic Art
  • HTML & CSS
  • jQuery & Javascript
  • UX & UI design
  • Interactive & Web Design
  • Front-end Development
  • Unity game engine
  • Blender 3D