CapraTek Simulation

CapraTek is a master's level human resources management simulation set in a fictional technology company. I built a flexible HTML and jQuery framework, designed multiple interaction types, and participated in UX testing.

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Capella Advising Minisite

Link: Partnering for Success

I designed and built this promotional mini-site designed to inform learners about Capella's advising department, the advising team, and the resources and tools at their disposal.

Everyday People


Website re-design for a local vintage clothing store.

Riverbend City

A complex narrative simulation detailing an environmental disaster and it’s effects on a community. I worked on the UI, location and character illustrations, project & workflow organization, and branding.

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What Color is Your Parachute? The Online Course

Online version of author Dick Bolles' popular job-hunting book. I designed the courseroom, illustrated characters, and animated motion graphics.

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Night of the Exquisite Corpse


Collaborative gallery show featuring modular zombie paper toys. I designed the paper toy template and an created an interactive gallery installation for the opening reception.

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Capella Course Media

A wide range of interactive educational pieces created for Capella University.

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Piattelli Vineyards

Link: The Life of a Vineyard

I designed, illustrated, and built this vineyard education module for Piattelli Vineyards.

Pokémon Battle Royale


An interactive gallery for Light Grey Art Lab's Pokémon Battle Royale show featuring the 151 original Pokémon. Built with Isotope. I drew GeoDude.

Easing Visualizer

Link: Easing Demo

I was learning more about jQuery animations and discovered that you can assign different easing types to different value changes. I couldn't find any good working examples so I built this visualizer. You can select any of the core jQueryUI ease types and also change the duration.