The Infinite Rail

I'm working on a video game. It's somewhere in between a side-scrolling shooter and a metroidvania. You can play some early tests in your browser if you have the Unity3d Web Player installed.

The Black Warp

This was my first serious foray into game development using the Blender 3D Game Engine. More to come.

Motion Illustrations

I'm trying to figure out how to use Unity as an art tool. I started with a Halo inspired piece and I've got a bunch of ideas that I need to work through in the near future.

Interactive Comics

Every once in a while I think I get it in my head that I should combine my programming skills with my comic art. Here's a few tests. Next on the list is a choose-your-own-adventure story using Twine.

Connected Media Framework

Link: General Hospital

Proof of concept for a complex interactive with a focus on the healthcare industry. It features a number of interactive types, UI for social hooks, and examples of exposing additional information relevant to the exercise. Built with Bootstrap.