Riverbend City

Riverbend City is a complex narrative simulation detailing an environmental disaster and it’s effects on a community. I was originally brought in for the large amount of illustration assets needed but ended up taking on a number of roles.

  • Designed the primary user interface and menu screens, as well as the HTML wrapper template that housed the Flash pieces.
  • Refined our asset workflow, which consists of hundreds of location, character, audio, and interface art assets.
  • Created design and documentation templates that streamlined the creative process for our content developers and designers.
  • Created a brand identity, promotional materials, and an animated trailer demonstrating the product to potential learners and stakeholders.

Example Missions:

It’s hard to decide which makes Chris such an amazing asset to a project – his design sensibility, which is always spot-on, or his ability to organize and refine the process, which time and time again helped our team get and stay on the task of creating the elements of a complex simulation. It doesn’t matter … Chris always brings both. His presence on a project would make me want to be on it, too. Every time.

Felicity Pearson - Senior Instructional Designer, Capella University